This page contains 107 facts about The Life of a Cloud Kunoichi that you may or may not know. This has been a parody of a few YouTube channels including CartoonHangover, ChannelFrederator, and Cinematica

Note: facts can come from The Life of a Cloud Kunoichi, its prequel Defection, and the Next Generation.

The FactsEdit

1. Sylvi Omaki is a werewolf, and there's a paeticular reason for that. Originally Devin created a fan fiction with her friend about half animals which later turned into a cross over between Naruto and Animal Crossing. In turn, Devin recreated Sylvi into a shinobi character. This is why her family are werewolves

2. Speaking of werewolves, Omakis actually are more half wolf. The can be full human, half wolf, or full wolf. The also dont transform with the moon

3. Sylvi shares a trait with each member of Team 7: she has an animal trait to her like Naruto, her skills are exceptional like Sasuke, and she is a girl like Sakura

4. Speaking of similarities, Sylvi and Sasuke are more alike than they care to admit. Both enjoy training and taking walks, both have older brothers who defected from the village who turned out not to be as evil as they seemed, both were actually pleasant in their childhood; the defections of their older brothers driving them to hatred, both were softened by Naruto (Sylvi quicker than Sasuke), both were talented shinobi in their years, and both eventually killed their older brothers. Thats a whopping seven similarities for two people who hate each other passionately

5. Hikabo Takamoto and Torimaru Rakuen were inspired by two brothers actually

6. Sylvi's catchphrase, bolshevik, is more Russian than Japanese. Alot better than Yabadabadoo! which was already taken

7. By time the Epilogue comes up, Sylvi is the only woman who is still with the troops, as well as the only one not to abandon her forehead protector

8. Originally, Tori did not have his bird fighting style, and his laat name was originally Mizuno. When Devin thought of the bird jutsu (due to finding out Tori meant bird), the last name was changed to Rakuen, which means paradise. Rakuen clan members later all had their first names begin with "Tori" so their names would translate to "bird of paradise"

9. Sylvi's middle name is Danger. Sylvi Danger Omaki

10. Sylvi's name translates into "Forest Wolf", which does not relate to her or any of her jutsu.

11. Many readers doubted that Aira was Gaara's cousin. However, Devin confirmed that Aira is in fact Yashamaru's (Kurara's brother) daughter, Rasa's niece, and Gaara, Kankuro, and Temari's cousin

12. Originally, Sukai, Aotsuchi, Shirutsuchi, and Midotsuchi were going to be just Chunin Exam opponents. But as the planning went on, they recieved larger roles, even having Sukai and Midotsuchi marry Tori and Kenshin Takano respectively

13. The Inuzuka/Omaki rivalry goes back to the time of Indra and Asura Otsutsuki. Fangu Omaki believed he was stronger than the first Inzuka, resulting in a life long rivalry, only to be broken when Naida Omaki and Kiba Inuzuka married

14. Devin planted moments in various scenes of the story to hint on other romantic relationships that differ from what it ended up to be. For example, one time Izumi Shibata and Arashi Shishido had a very soft moment. More depictable is Izumi's infatuation with Hikabo. Another is the two ANBU members Jomei and Chimari who ultimately end up Izumi and Arashi respectively (Jomei was male and Chimari was female)

15. Speaking of Chimari, her long, very curly hair was inspired by Bellatrix Lestrange from Harry Potter. Also, the time Chimari popped up to save Arashi from a Zetsu was in similar manner to Bellatrix when she killed her cousin Sirius Black in the films. Also, Chimari was designed to resemble Bellatrix.

16. Sylvi's best friends are Aira and Sakura (who is from the original anime). Both have had an impact on Sylvi. From Aira, Sylvi used Wond Style as well as Lightning Style. From Sakura, Sylvi became fond of anmitsu

17. Team 4 (a.k.a. Team Josuke) did not originally exist. They came into play during the planning stages of the Chunin Exams arc.

18. Team 6 (a.k.a. Team Hiro) also did not exist originally. The creator created them because she needed a few more characters as well as more choices for pairings. However, when they were created, it would be too much like the original Naruto, so Devin had them come into the picture between the Sasuke Recovery Missiom and the Sunagakure Support Mission

19. The creator almost did make Hikabo a villain, but scrapped the idea, to make it less like the original Naruto series.

20. Hikari Omaki, Sylvi's mentor and aunt, was taught by the Third Raikage. Originally her team was going to be the Sannin of the Cloud, but eventually changed to Hikari being the wolf sage.

21. Sylvi never really got over her Lone Wolves' Seal until the climax of the Fourth Shinobi World War

22. Originally, Esclar Omaki was going to stay dead. He was revived because Devin felt that Esclar deserved to relive his life as a good guy. Also, Esclar has a son named Vesper, who became a part of Team Juria.

23. Devin had seriously considered killing off Yuki Mantomoto and Taiyo Hatanaka, Esclar's old teammates. She asked many of her friends what they thought, and the majority agreed she should kill them off. To compromise, Devin said they had a son before the war and died during the war. Their son grew up with Taiyo's parents. In this way, they are similar to Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks from Harry Potter

24. Genichi Takaki originally was charged with killing Tori's sister. This later changed to nearly killing the entire Rakuen clan. However, Tori did not end up with a sister in the final version anyway.

25. Chikusa Nakanichi and the Grass kunoichi from the Chunin Exams originally had no relation whatsoever. Devin later made them one in the same to reduce the amount of wiki pages.

26. Did you know the Lone Wolves' Seal didnt exist when the story writing began? When the first chapter was posted, Devin decided, "She's gor a real chip on her shoulder." This paved the way for creation of the Lone Wolves' Seal.

27. During creation, Devin limited many things for Sylvi: she couldnt have blonde hair or blue eyes or pink clothes. Even though the final greatly resembled Ino, no doubt Sylvi's polar opposite, it was great for the creator. In fact, as the creator got deeper into anime, Sylvi resembles Yoruichi Shihoin more than Ino.

28. Sylvi's Rock Shower Kick was inspired by Sakura's Cherry Blossom Impact and Tsunade's Heavenly Foot of Pain. She also uses the Guillotine Drop

29. Hikabo's Blood Style techniques were inspired by the results of a quiz

30. Naida's appearance was also inspired by the same results of the same quiz

31. Tori was originally going to have the moon jutsu from the results.

32. Kumotsuchi Takano, Kenshin and Midotsuchi Takano's daughter, turned out worse than both her parents. She was braggy like Kenshin, overconfident like Midotsuchi, and actually became a bully for a short time

33. Originally Team Juria consisted of Skylar Takamoto, Kimaru Takamoto, and Torishi Rakuen. Devin later switched Kimaru for Vesper Omaki.

34. Genichi somehow got his hands on a Byakugan. Makes you wonder why he couldnt kill off the Rakuen clan

35. Kurokaze, Esclar's summon, literally means Black wind. Other possiblities were Kuromizu, Kurokasai, and Kurorai, meaning Black water, black fire, and black lightning respectively. None of them made much sense when said.

36. Potential leaders for Team Juria included Tori and Shadow Omaki. The leader ended up to be Juria Kagawa, Sylvi's sensei, Kotaro Kagawa's daughter.

37. Each member of Team Josuke represent a season: Kuina represents spring, Josuke represents summer, Tairo represents autumn, Sotan represents winter.

38. Kurochi, Hikabo's bat summon, was created during an eventually scrapped Naruto fan fiction

39. Kizuato and Kuina Nakazawa are cousins. Like their inspirations Neji and Hinata

40. Crystal Omaki comes from Yukigakure, the Village Hidden in the Snow.

41. Actually, the Omakis were going to be from Yukigakure. But, things change

42. Tornado Style was at one point called Twoster Style, but changed back to Tornado Style.

43. Tori does not have a summon because he has plenty of birds he cans summon at a time. Some of them can get colossal

44. Devin always heard Shiruba the wolf with the voice of the actress who voiced the Armageddon Bow from Hercules the TV Series.

45. Taiyo Hatanaka's passion for playing the flute comes from the creator herself, who also played the flute.

46. By time the creation of Defection rolled around, so many names were taken the creator had to scour the Internet for names.

47. The part where Sylvi meets her brother's teammates was included for that reason and so there'd be more between the Sasuke Recovery Mission and the Sunagakure Support Mission than just meeting Team Hiro. Dont get me wrong, Team Hiro is awesome, just, meeting them didnt take too long, and, reasons

48. The Stone Siblings were loosley based on the Sand Siblings.

49. Someone once asked Devin who her favoirte character from her fan fiction Defection was. Devin replied Taiyo, because "he may be dull and have the inability to understand women, he's a great teammate and friend who'll never give up".

50. The only reason Yuki is as emotional as she is was because Devin knew she couldnt make every character tough

51. Devin dislikes stupid characters, so all her characters have at least some brains (some more than others), although characters sometimes call each other stupid.

52. Yuki and Kawaii Takenaka were designed to resemble Sakura and Ino personality wise. However, Yuki went a little farther, she became arrogant and too dependent on Esclar, which is why she was so broke emotionally.

53. Sylvi, Hikabo, and Tori each have a "Keep Calm..." poster. Sylvi's says "Keep Calm and Make Lightning", Hikabo's says "Keep Calm and Cause a Blood Burn", and Tori's says " Keep Calm and Talk to Birds".

54. Kotaro Kagawa was also revealed to have a "Keep Calm..." poster. His said "Keep Calm and Teach With Takagan."

55. Kumotsuchi was designed to resemble Kenshin, Midotsuchi, and Regina George from Mean Girls. She was also based on the stereotype that all major bullies have blonde hair.

56. Torishi Rakuen fought a Mist kunoichi during the Chunin Exams, just like his father before him.

57. Originally Team Josuke was Tairo Sananaka, Kuina Tengo, and Sotan Uzushio. The last names were later changed to Akiyama, Nakazawa, and Machida. Frankly, this isnt surprising, cause Sananaka is a mouthful. Talk about tongue twisters.

58. Team Kotaro consists of an Omaki, a Takamoto, and Rakuen. Years before them in the time of Indra and Asura Otsutsuki, another team consisted of Fangu Omaki, Isoshi Takamoto, and Toriki Rakuen. The next generation after Sylvi, Hikabo, and Tori were Vesper Omaki, Skylar Takamoto, and Torishi Rakuen led by Juria Kagawa. And none of this is coincidence! Devin did this all on purpose.

59. Izumi Shibata is most known for her flat chest. Sometimes Devin focuses on this too much when drawing out scenes.

60. Sylvi and Kurotsuchi meet at the Kage Summit. WRONG. Sylvi and Kurotsuchi had a minor interaction in chapter six of Part 1. They just still dont know it was actually them.

61. Sylvi seems to know Team Samui well, even though they havent been shown interacting until the original debut of Team Samui in the anime.

62. Sylvi originally was going to have some ice kekkei genkai. Eventually, she got the Tornado Style kekkei genkai, and the ice kekkei genkai was handed to Sylvi's mother, Crystal Omaki

63. Sylvi still does not fully trust Kiba, even though her sister married him. However, Sylvi doesnt hate his kids....

64. The idea that Sylvi has one single hoops earring on one ear came from a Russian comedy called Prince Ivan and the Grey Wolf. The movie featured a poor man from one kingdom who wanted to win the heart of the princess of the neighbprong kingdom and that king's talking wolf assistant.

65. By time the Epilogue rolls around, Sylvi is supporting Naruto from Kumogakure. However, she hadnt seen him since he was inagurated Hokage.

66. Esclar's alias when he joined Orochimaru was "Uchumaru" which means universe.

67. Sylvi, Hikabo, abd Tori often used a form of soccer for training before the timeskip. Devin and the two brothers who were used as inspiration all played soccer.

68. For a long time, Devin planned to pair Erisu and Josuke, but later changed this to Kotaro and Erisu.

69. Also, in the early planning stages, Erisu was going to be leader of Team Kotaro, until Kotaro was created.

70. The names "Jonassan" and "Izaya" literally translate into Jonathan and Isaiah.

71. Each Omaki has a an alias to use in human form. Sylvi's is Shiruvu, Esclar's is Uchumaru, Naida's is Neida, Shadow's is Kagemaru, Storm's is Sutomi, Crystal's is Kurisu, and Skylar's is Sukaire. Their fake surname is Daimaki.

72. The wolves of Hauringu Den are named after elements or colors.

73. Sylvi, Hikabo, and Tori are featured in CyberChick135's The Heart of a Ninja fan fiction. Check it out! It's amazing.

74. Sylvi has been proved to be the jonin who got promoted to jonin at the youngest age.

75. Aira is one year older than Sylvi, and this means something. Aira was based of one of the creator's friends who was a year older than her.

76. While initially naming the character after the Lego Elves character, weeks later the creator found the name Aira on the Japanese name generator.

77. Sylvi is voiced by Colleen Clinkenbeard, who also provided the voices of Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail, Riza Hawkeye from Fullmetal Alchemist, and even Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece.

78. Hikabo is voices by Johnny Yong Bosch, who voiced Sasori from Naruto and Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach.

79. Tori is voiced by Derek Stephen Prince, who voiced Shino Aburame from Naruto and Uryu Ishida from Bleach

80. Izumi is voiced by Didi Archilla, the voice of Aries from Fairy Tail.

81. Arashi is voiced by Kirby Morrow, the voice of Miroku from Inuyasha.

82. Kenshin is voiced by Richard Ian Cox, the voice of Inuyasha from Inuyasha.

83. Tairo is voiced by Steve Staley, the voice of Neji Hyuga from Naruto and Toshiro Hitsugaya and Sakoku Nakamoto from Bleach.

84. Kuina is voiced by Wendee Lee, the voice of Yoruichi Shihoin and Ururu Tsumigima from Bleach and Bella Onyx from Fairy Tail.

85. Sotan is voiced by Liam O'Brien, the voice of Gaara from Naruto, Jushiro Ukitake from Bleach, and Han Gauss and Scott Pearson from Fairy Tail.

86. Eric Vale voices Hisato Ishi. He is also the voice of Sanji from One Piece.

87. Luci Christian voices Arisa. She is also the voice of Nami from One Piece.

88. Jerry Jewell voices Kizuato Nakazawa. He is also the voice of Lyon Vastia from Fairy Tail.

89. Esclar, Naida, and Shadow are voiced by Christopher Sabat (Roronoa Zoro), Stephanie Sheh (Orihime Inoue), and Jillian Michaels (Shippo) respectively.

90. Taiyo and Shirayuki are voiced by Todd Haberkorn (Natsu Dragneel) and Cherami Leigh (ucy Heartfilia).

91. Aira is voiced by Laura Bailey, who provides the voice of Anko Mitarashi.

92. Sylvi is the only one of Devin's main OCs who are at the same level as the main character of the original series (for example, Satsuki Uzaki has been a Soul Reaper for many years and is already a Fourth Seat by time the story begins, whereas the Kurosakis have only been Soul Reapers for a month). She makes up for this by rising higher than Naruto for most of the series.

93. That said, this does not mean that Sylvi is stronger than Naruto. However, by the time Gaiden rolls around, Sylvi is one of the only two who can rival him, the other being Sasuke.

94. Sylvi has a fake arm and leg. Hmmm, who else has a fake arm and leg? (Edward Elric). She, however, will always be one-armed and one-legged.

95. In the next generation story, Sylvi is set to come into conflict with Chikaen Nakanichi and Hattori Uzumaki and end up defeating the latter of the two.

96. The next generation is set to focus around Skylar Takamoto, Vesper Omaki, Sunauto Inuzuka, and Viyn Omaki, the children of each of the Omaki siblings.

97. Boruto Uzumaki and Torakku Shiraki are the only non-Omakis to be able to summon wolves.

98. Devin has admitted that Torakku's story is loosely based off Harry Potter.

99. According to Devin, she thinks that Sylvi would make a great Sixth Raikage.

100. She is also planning to have Darui teach Sylvi how to use Black Lightning.

101. Sylvi's sarcasm is inspired by many sarcastic literary and television characters including K.C. Cooper, Will Herondale, Emma Carstairs, Percy Jackson, Magnus Chase, and of course, Jace Herondale.

102. Sylvi paved the way for the creation of the other OCs of other anime, the list being: Satsuki Uzaki, Bella Onyx, Tsukino, Cobalt L. Lux, Mari Rosalia, and Nakasuky Zen.

103. Sylvi and Bella have the most number of other OCs in their fandoms.

104. Devin has revealed that without her family, Sylvi would have ended up like Sasuke. She would have become part of the Taka and developed a better relationship with Sasuke sooner. She also released a sketch of Sylvi's appearance if she were a subordinate of Orochimaru.

105. Even though they are married at the end of the series, Devin focuses less on Hikabo ad Sylvi's romantic relationship but more on their friendship and camaraderie to make Tori less of a third wheel.

106. That being said, she did focus alot on Naida and Kiba.

107. However, throughout the overall series, there is more friendship and camaraderie, mostly because Devin had little experience with romance at the time. Even now, when she has a better idea, this series is still the friendship kind.