"Why Zoro? Why risk your life for me?"
-Cobalt L. Lux





Flash Gun Swordswoman Cobalt L. Lux (born Shira L. Teach, changed name to Dolohov Lux) is a pirate, former Captain of the Element 5, former Shichibukai before Boa Hancock, member of the Twelve Supernovas (Worst Generation) and the daughter of Yonko and Supernova Marshall D. Teach, aka Blackbeard, sister of Jackal B. Teach, sister-in-law of Ezillabeth Teach, and aunt of Rastaban C. Teach.

Lux was the commanding officer of the elite Element 5, a pirate apprehending squad, consisting of only five members total, each controlling one element. She first met Monkey D. Luffy while out scouting for pirates, where they fight and bet each others' life. After Lux lost, Luffy invited her and crew to join the Straw Hat pirates, which she accepted. She has eaten the Raiton Raiton no Mi, which gives her power to utilize lightning.

Lux is an expert fighter and infiltrater. She had been known to break into a few of the most heavily guarded places. She is also one of the top fighters on her crew. She has a habit of causing major storms when using her lightning powers. Her skills with a Flash Gun and a sword gave her the epithet the Flash Gun Swordswoman, and is one of the top fighters in the Straw Hat Pirates. She currently has a bounty of 400,000,000 Beli.


Lux is a woman with gold eyes and tanned skin. She has messy bright blue hair tied in a spiky high ponytail. She is tall, slim, and well endowed. She is also covered with scars from her many battles with pirates during her time as a naval officer and a pirate. As a pirate, she tattooed black lightning bolts all over her body and a number 3 on the side of her right breast.

While a naval officer, Lux kept her hair neat, straight, and short. Upon becoming a pirate, she grows it out long and messy to the extent that she has to tie it back in a ponytail to keep it out of her face.

While she was a captain, Lux wore a soldier uniform consisting of a black bodysuit, dark navy blue coat with gold buttons, black pants and knew length black boots. She also wears black gloves that go halfway up her forearms. She kept her Flash Gun at her weapons belt, which was black in color.

Before TimeskipEdit

Like most of her crewmates, Lux normally wears the same clothing. Her outfit consists of a cream colored neck warmer that she pulls up over her face. She also ties a long, similarly colored piece of cloth around her ponytail. This makes it look as if she's wearing a cape. She normally dresses casually, usually in a yellow shirt with blue jeans and black boots. She also keeps her gun in a holster and her sword in a sheath hanging from a black belt. She also had an extra pistol hidden in her shirt.

After TimeskipEdit

After being in so many battles and gaining many scars and tattoos, no one can even think that Captain Cobalt L. Lux and this Lux are the same person. She still wears her neck warmer, but does not cover her face anymore. She wears a sleeveless and backless dark blue top with black pants and black boots. Her weapons are in the same place as before. Her visible skin is covered with swirling black tattoos.


Lux was first introduced as a strong and tough woman who loved fighting. She was content with her job as a naval captain to capture pirates. She could fight as well as, if not better, than the men. She could defeat several pirates at once. She is a woman feared for her strength among the naval officers and for her rather short temper around her crew. She is one of the top fighters in the crew.

Lux is strict as a captain and a pirate, sometimes being the one ordering some of the other Straw Hat Pirates other than the Element 5. Some people mistake her to be the captain. She can be impatient when people don't answer her questions fast enough. In this way most people see her as scary. She often wonders why the Straw Hat Pirates risk their lives for her because of what she threatened to do when she first met them and her initial attitude towards them.

Lux can be very aggressive under two circumstances: 1) its a battle, or 2) she's drunk. She is a hard hitter when it comes to punching; she can make someone see stars in a single punch. When she is drunk, she cant put names with faces. She loves battle and always fights to her best extent.

Lux has a natural commanding nature after being a captain for so long. The Element 5 and some of the weaker members of the crew do as she says. Despite this, she sincerely cares for each and every one of them and would risk her life to save them. She is known for keeping her emotions in check, hindering them from clouding her judgement. People who don't know her well would say she's cold, her friends know that she is, in reality, a warm person.

Lux has a close relationship with everyone in the crew, but shares a more closer friendship with Nico Robin, Melanie Striega, and Roronoa Zoro. She would do anything to help the crew, even risk her own life. She hates the feeling of weakness, because to her it means not being able to protect her friends. She has sustained multiple injuries while saving other crew mates.

Lux has a slight Russian accent, since she pronounces L's and N's differently, pronounces short A's like short O's, pronounces "th" as "s", and rolls her R's. She has also spoken and cursed in Russian during the series. Her last name is also Russian.



At first, Lux hated the idea of being in the Straw Hat Pirates and was angry with Will for convincing Zoro to spare her and let her become one of their crew members. As the series progressed, she warmed to each one of them to the extent of not telling them that she was Blackbeard's daughter for fear of being shunned. However, when everyone found out, they treated her the same, even though some were upset with her for keeping that from them. She is willing to go great extents to save her crewmates.

Chlorine C. WillEdit

"Will's the smartest person I know. He can also help with ocean problems."

Lux knows she can depend on her first mate, Chlorine C. Will, the Water of the Element 5, in any situation. Lux and Will are the most powerful members of the Element 5, often combining their lightning and water powers for ultimate attacks. Lux and Will are like brother and sister. She was angry with him when he "sold" them all to the Straw Hat Pirates so she wouldn't drown in the water, but she gets over it later.

Mercury A. WendyEdit

"Wendy is a medic. She'll treat wounds. She's a literal lifesaver."

Lux has a friendly relationship with Mercury A. Wendy, the Wind of the Element 5. They get along beautifully, and they love each other as two sisters would. To be exact, Lux is an older sister figure to Wendy, and she helps the younger girl train. Lux sees her sister Jia in her, but nevertheless sees Wendy as her own person.

Magnesium P. FredEdit

"He is a little eccentric; Fred has a knack for exploding things. He knows all about bombs abd knows a bomb when he sees one."

Lux and Magnesium P. Fred, the Fire of the Element 5, are like the bickering siblings. They always clash over little things. It's more of a tough love relationship; you can definitely see that they care for one another as siblings do. Lux chides Fred's ridiculous antics. It is confirmed that she sincerely cares for him when she cried when he was on the brink of death.

Zirconium R. ErikEdit

"And Erik. He can be a mechanic."

Lux and Zirconium R. Erik, the Earth of the Element 5, are on good terms. Lux and Erik are like the older siblings who constantly are obliged to clean up after the others. Even though it doesn't always show, Erik does sincerely care for Lux and the others.

Monkey D. LuffyEdit

"He's my captain. I'm willing to die to save him."

Lux respects Monkey D. Luffy as her captain of the Straw Hat Pirates. They have become very good friends since the Element 5 joined. At first, she thought he was very weird and eccentric but grew used to it as the series progresses. Lux has risked her life to help Luffy and was willing to die in the Thriller Bark Arc to save him.

Roronoa ZoroEdit

"Why Zoro? Why risk your life for me?
"Because we're in the same boat now. Literally and metaphoricly."

Lux and Zoro

Lux has known Roronoa Zoro for a while, as they were good friends in their youth. Lux knew him when they were bounty hunters as well. A lot of times, they train together to become stronger. They become close friends on the crew. She sometimes has rude or violent tendencies against him, such as pointing out he has no sense of direction and does not realize this, to brutally waking him up when he falls asleep. There has been some mushy friendship that gets mistaken to be a romantic relationship. On several occasions, Lux has given Zoro sisterly kisses, and he comforted her when Fred was on the brink of death. Zoro has also trusted Lux with his secret romantic feelings for Melanie Striega.


"Nami, why do you always let them be dumb?"

Lux and Nami had a good, sisterly relationship for most of the crew. The former admires her for being smart (since some of the others are dumb). After Nami betrayed them, it took a while for Lux to trust her again. Lux also doesn't like Nami's extreme love of money very well.

Melanie StriegaEdit

"I promise you, Melanie. We'll help you save your home."

Lux has a sisterly relationship with Melanie Striega, closer than others. She often encourages the younger girl and taught her a few techniques. Melanie is the only person Lux has ever referred to as seestra, which is a Russian endearment meaning "sister". She also encouraged Melanie to talk to Zoro, because she knew of her feelings. During the Thriller Bark Arc, Lux was shown hugging and comforting a crying Melanie while she cried herself when Zoro absorbed Luffy's pain.


"Where were you hiding that gun?"
"None of your business."

-Sanji and Lux

Lux really hates Sanji's flirting, but still sees him as a brother. She really hates it when one second he is calm and composed and the next second he's acting like a child. She often punches him if he tries flirting with her and sometimes hits him with her sheathed sword, but usually she is bluntly rude to him about it.


"As I recall, I was a captain!"
"Give the man a prize!
So was I"
-Usopp and Lux

Lux has a strained relationship with Usopp. She knows that he is an accomplished liar and he was one of the pirates she was planning to capture after the Straw Hat Pirates (which never really happened). Over the years, they develop a better friendship.

Nico RobinEdit

"I do trust you. I only distrust if I have a valid reason. Okay, that's a lie, sometimes I hate people with an invalid reason. Bottom line: don't give me a reason to mistrust you."-Lux

Lux and Nico Robin form a sisterly relationship after the events of the Alabasta Arc. They are seen acting like sisters, finishing each others' sentences and often drink heavily together. Lux is considerably closer to Robin than the others (excluding Melanie and Zoro). When Robin joined the crew, Lux gave her advice on how to gain the others' trust.


Lux and Franky get along well. She learned a few sniper tricks from him. Lux sees Chopper as the silly animal sidekick. They are often seen hanging around the ship together. She has saved him from danger throughout the series on more than one occasion. When Lux first met Brook, she thought of him as a pervert because of what he said to Nami. After the Thriller Bark Arc, she comes to respect him and gives him a warm welcome to the crew.


Mashall D. TeachEdit

"You're still my daughter, whether you accept it or not, Shira."
"My name is Dolohov Lux!"

-Blackbeard and Lux

Lux's father is Marshall D. Teach (better known as Blackbeard). She always kept this a secret from the other Straw Hat Pirates for fear of being shunned by them. She is not proud to be his daughter, nor to have inherited his calm and relaxed nature. He is the only one who still refers to her as Shira, her birth name. It is implied that Blackbeard still loves Lux, eveb though she loathes him.


Boa HancockEdit

I came before her. She is in my shadow."
-Lux Boa Hancock is Lux's succeeder in the Shichibukai, the former joining shortly after the latter left. Lux says that Hancock is in her shadow, though it is unknown which is stronger. Lux says she is interested to find out which is stronger, but hasn't fought her because she defected from the Shichibukai.

Gekko MoriahEdit

Lux and Gekko Moriah have been on terrible terms. Both were competitive against each other, and Moriah became obsessed with catching her when she became a member of the Straw Hat Pirates. During the Thriller Bark Arc, Moriah wanted to kill her and turn her into the Marines. Lux considers Moriah as very weird and self-centered, calling him a "Frankenstein" because of his resemblance to the said monster.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Devil Fruit PowersEdit

Lux has eaten the Raiton Raiton no Mi, a Paramecia type Devil Fruit that gave her the power to manipulate lightning and thunder. Because of this and her other skills, when she became a pirate, she quickly earned a high bounty of 400,000,000 Beli.

  • Molniya: This is the most basic ability if the Raiton Raiton no Mi. It is simply creatibg a few bolts of lightning to use offensively or defensively.
  • Grom: Lux creates an extremely loud series of thunder by clapping her hands together after a yellow orb appears between her palms. The technique does an excellent job of stunning enemies.
  • Shtormovoye Oblaka: Lux spreads her hands and creates gray storm clouds that surround the target. A series of lightning strikes, along with thunder.
  • Molnii Stena: Lux creates a wall of electricity to shield people from attacks.
  • Molnii Lezviye: Lux creates a bar/pole of lightning that resembles a sword that can cut through solid objects.
  • Electric Shock: Lux can purposely and painfully give someone a static shock. (Unnamed)

Expert SwordswomanEdit

Lux is very experienced and talented in the art of fighting with a sword. Her skill for this made up half of her nickname. She owns one katana named Lomatye Nebo (Skybreaker) that she keeps sheathed. If she uses her sword to attack someone she has a strong wish not to seriously injure, she either uses the dull side or sheathed sword. While she is a formidable swordswoman, she cannot beat Zoro in sword to sword combat.

Expert MarkswomanEdit

Her skill with firearms makes up the last part of her nickname. While she is an accomplished sniper, she prefers to stick to a Flash Gun, which is still a pistol. She keeps this in a holster next to Lomatye Nebo. She still fights close range despite carrying a gun.

Expert Hand to Hand CombatantEdit

Lux is a formidable opponent, even unarmed. She is strong enough to leave a bump on an annoying crewmate's head in a single punch, and a few times she knocked iut weaker enemies with one strike. Sometimes she combines her lightning with this.


Lux was born as Shira L. Teach to Marshall D. Teach and an unknown woman. When she was ten, she left to become a Marine, changing her name to Dolohov Lux in the process. She was the top of her class in training, and became friends with Mary le Renard-Roux. They went their separate ways at initiation; with Lux going on to form the pirate apprehending team Element 5 with Chlorine C. Will, Mercury A. Jia, Magnesium P. Fred, and Zirconium R. Erik, and adopting the codename Cobalt. L Lux. On their first mission, Jia was gravely injured and could not continue. She was replaced by her younger sister Mercury A. Wendy. These five caught many pirates and became respected by the Marines.


Orange Town ArcEdit

Lux is first seen defeating an unnamed crew of pirates with little to no effort. It skips to the aftermath after the pirates have been turned in, she tells her first mate, Chlorine C. Will, that the pirate crew was an easy job, and the others agree. She plans to stop at Captain Morgan's base in a village to get more supplies before tracking down Iron Mace Alvida. Upon arriving, she learns that Morgan has been defeated by Monkey D. Luffy, whose previous ship was sunk by Will, and was fired by Mary le Renard-Roux. She also fins out that Mary, her adoptive sister Melanie Striega, and Pirate Hunter Roronoa Zoro have joined Luffy's crew of pirates.

Lux and her crew find remains of Alvida's ship. As they wonder what happened, she spots a rowboat with three pirates from Buggy the Clown's crew. She sends Mercury A. Wendy, Magnesium P. Fred, and Zirconium R. Erik to get the three pirates. After they subdue the pirates on the ship, Zoro suddenly appears behind Lux and holds his sword to her throat, but she easily get out of it. Zoro requests her help, and she refuses, so he promptly knocked her into the water, knowing that she was a Devil Fruit user. Will quickly makes a deal with Zoro, they would help him and join the Straw Hat Pirates so Lux wouldn't drown. Because of this, she became temporarily upset with Will.

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  • Lux's personality would be represented by a wolf, an animal that is a good fighter and hunter and symbolizes protection.
  • If Lux lived in the real world, she would be Russian, because she speaks the language.
  • Lux is highly tolerate to alcohol and almost never gets drunk.
  • According to Zoro, Lux can master any weapon she is given.
  • Lux knows how to curse in five languages.
  • It is revealed that once, in a bar, Lux and Zoro both got very drunk, collapsed in an alleyway, and kissed.


(To Monkey D. Luffy) "I am Captain Cobalt L. Lux of the Lightning, the Flash Gun Swordswoman. I have already caught many pirates before you. I will turn you all in to the marines. Be afraid. Be very afraid."

(To Roronoa Zoro) "I don't know why you wanted me to join the crew instead of dying. I lost to a pirate. I should die for it."

(To Melanie Striega) "You need to have more confidence, seestra. You never know till you try."

(To Roronoa Zoro) "Why Zoro? Why risk your life for me?"