Malak Makarov is the Greek demigod daughter of Nike and Yuri Makarov. She is one of the Heroes of the Prophecy of Twelve.


Before BirthEdit

Yuri Makarov is the grandson of Russian immigrants. He worked as a football coach at a local league. It is unknown exactly how he attracted Nike's attention, but he sired Malak during the time he and Nike were together. Yuri raised Malak, unaware of her status as a demigod. He thought Nike was just a mortal woman who left him for unknown reasons.


Due to being the daughter of the goddess of victory, and the fact that alot of her friends were football players, Malak was rough, tough, and competitive. She was as strong and aggressive as the boys but her dad wouldn't let her play football because he was afraid she would get hurt. Malak played on other sport teams at her school, including soccer, basketball, and track. She also took gymnastic lessons. As she grew older, she began to get really competitive. She often got into fights with bullies at her school.

One day, Malak got into a particularly rough fight with three new bullies, who turned out to be Laistrygonian Giants. No one would believe her when she said that the bullies were right feet tall with pointed teeth. This is when the authorities sent Malak to the Wilderness School to learn to control her temper. At the Wilderness School, Malak still joined athletic teams and befriended two fellow demigods, Piper McLean and Leo Valdez, though none of them knew they were demigods.

Mist HistoryEdit

When Hers switched Jason Grace and Percy Jackson, she installed fake memories of Jason. Malak believed that she met Jason three months ago when he first came to the school, and that he was starting a relationship with Piper.


Malak is fierce, confident, competitive, and impulsive. She has a very short temper and is super tough and reckless. She likes to play sports and likes to win, but she also likes to accomplish things. She can never sit still and gets uncomfortable in tight spaces. Despite her extreme competitiveness, Malak is kind hearted, but she doesn't like it when people get in her way. She is also blunt, down to earth, and rather snarky. As a daughter of Nike, she is intense and driven, and she never turns down a challenge or settles for second best. She is also a hard worker and tough opponent.


Malak has a lithe and muscular frame, like a gymnast. She has wavy dark hair and midnight blue eyes. She usually has a bunch of bruises, cuts, scratches, and other minor injuries that come from playing sports. She has scars on her right shoulder that resemble teeth marks, which she got when she fought Laistrygonian Giants. She is fond of wearing sports jerseys and casual workout clothes. She is not usually seen wearing armor besides shoulder pads under her shirt, soccer shin guards, and wrist guards. She also wears a necklace with a silver pendant that looks like two crossed katanas, which expand into her regular katanas.

Abilities and ToolsEdit

General AbilitiesEdit

  • ADHD: Malak's supernatrual alertness gives her faster reflexes and keeps her alive in battle. Ginerva says that Malak's sports abilities also contribute to keep her alive.
  • Dyslexia: Malak's brain is hardwired for Ancient Greek.
  • Fighting Skills: Malak is a formidable fighter. Her years of playing sports have granted her extra endurance, speed, and strength.
  • Sports Skills: Malak is a natrual sports player, and excels in many different sports.

Demigod AbilitiesEdit

  • Odikinesis: As the daughter of Nike, Malak is able to make two people have the compelling urge to beat each other bloody, though on a much smaller scale than her mother. It is easier if there is (or was) a rivalry in the heritage.
  • Telumkinesis: Malak is able to master any weapon in a short amount of time.
  • Natural Victory: Malak wins in most things that rely on luck, since her mother is the goddess of victory.

Weapons and Magical ItemsEdit

  • Two Silver Katanas: Malak owns two Katanas made of silver rather than celestial bronze. It works as well as celestial bronze on monsters, plus it works on other monsters that are tougher to kill even with celestial bronze. The weapons can shrink down into a crossed katana pendant, which Malak wears on a necklace.