Millicent Krieger is a senior member of the Survey Corps and the Squad Leader of Squad 5, the elite fighters of the corps, with her Lieutenant being Reena Burr. She is one of the strongest fighters for humanity.


Millicent is a young woman who is a bit shorter than average. She has short, curly copper hair tied back in a messy bun, dark green eyes, and thin, upturned eyebrows. She also has a spray of freckles across her nose. It is mentioned she has the potential to be "cute," but she is too dangerous for people to ever consider it for more than a second. She wears her Survey Corps uniform, though the Wings of Freedom on it are black and silver, a symbol of her status as a member of Squad 5.


Millicent is a cool, calm, and professional person, rarely letting on to what was really on her mind. She is a very stoic person, but sometimes she will lash out at people who push her over the edge. She could be very insulting towards people she loathed. She is also very intelligent and cunning.

Millicent has a sadistic side that she isn't afraid to unleash when she needs to. She is a very judgemental and vindictive person and will do whatever it takes to reach her goals. She is also resourceful and street smart.




Hand-to-Hand CombatEdit

Millicent is perhaps one of the most violent members of the Survey Corps. She is well trained in several different types of martial arts. She uses these skills to fight every enemy other than the Titans. These martial arts skills also help her with her aerial acrobatics when using the vertical maneuvering gear.

Vertical Maneuvering GearEdit

Millicent has been shown to be very skilled in the use of the vertical maneuvering gear. She has extremely fast reflexes and a sensitive "danger radar" that allow her to evade attacks from Titans (and other enemies). She is also skilled with the blades.


  • Reena Burr - Perhaps one of Millicent's best relationships, Reena is her right hand woman, second in command, and close friend. Millicent trusts her with important Intel and the safety of the rest of the squad. She was very distraught upon Reena's apparent death and was relieved when she was revealed to have survived.
  • Levi Ackerman
  • Hanji Zoe
  • Mike Zacharias
  • Erwin Smith

People KilledEdit