Winter Sun, also referred to as Winter Albarn, is a Sword Master and the daughter of Summer Sun and Spirit Albarn, and the half-sister of Maka Albarn. She is partnered with Lyo Rivera in the Death Weapon Meister Academy. They make up one of the top teams in the academy. She is currently a Three-Star Meister.


Winter Sun is the daughter of Summer Sun and Spirit Albarn. She was born a few months before her half sister Maka. Both girls were cold to each other at first, but began to develop a better bond when both enter the Death Weapon Meister Academy.


Winter is usually icy and aloof, but under the layer of ice is a warm personality and a great sense of humor, attributing to her name. She is usually sober and a straight A student. She is a strong Meister, but also friendly, making many friends including Soul Eater Evans, Maka Albarn, Black Star, Tsubaki Nakatsukasa, Death the Kid, Liz Thompson, and Patty Thompson. She despises perverts, or really just anyone who touches her in an uncomfortable way. She also plays the violin.


Death WeaponEdit

  • Lyo Rivera: Winter and Lyo have a good relationship overall. Winte ris strong, while Lyo is smart, making them a good team. They are also cooperative, which is another advantage. They like to joke around together, however, some circumstances can lead to a "she is not my girlfriend" or "he is not my boyfriend" scenario.


  • Maka Albarn: Winter and Maka are half sisters. At first, they both loathed each other with all their souls. Both enroll in the Death Weapon Meister Academy and bond over their mutual hatred of Spirit Albarn. They know that they have each other's back during battles.
  • Summer Sun: Winter and her mother have a good relationship, even though the two haven't been shown interacting much.
  • Spirit Albarn: Winter hates her father. She loathes him for cheating on his real wife. In fact, this relationship led to a better bond with Maka. She often hits him when he acts flirtatious or just acts like an idiot. However, in the end, Winter does care for her father, in her own way.


  • Death the Kid


  • Soul Eater Evans: Even though Winter often calls Soul an idiot, they have an overall great friendship. Soul has allowed Winter to wield him in several occassions when necessary, though they lacked total cooperation. Soul has mentioned that he and Winter sometimes play music together, since he played piano and she played the violin.
  • Black Star: Once again, Winter is friends with Black Star even though he is a complete idiot. Winter oftwn hits him for being very stupid.
  • Tsubaki Nakatsukasa
  • Liz Thompson
  • Patty Thompson
  • Bina Akira: Bina is Winter's mother's Demon Weapon. The two have a good relationship, with Winter referring to her as "Aunt Bina" despite the lack of blood relation or official adoptive relation. Bina has allowed Winter to wield her a few times.


Winter has crystal blue eyes and short white hair tinted light blue in a spiked high ponytail/bun. Her long bangs outgrow the rest of her hair and reach her shoulders. She wears a light blue kimono with a white sash and short skirt. She also wears dark blue denim leggings with black boots. Her casual attire consists of an aquamarine tank top and a navy blue button up shirt that it tied in a knot above her stomach. She also wears black leggings and brown boots.


Winter is a strong Meister, being one of the top Meisters in the school. Her skills with swords give her an advantage with Lyo, since she knows how to use his weapon form. Her Anti Demon Wavelength is deadly.